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The recruiters and the hiring managers say that McDonald's work provides benefits throughout life. Rachel Hariri knows that. Her first assignment was 15 years ago at McDonald's. Now, Rachel Hariri is the manager of the digital social assistance in the Canadian company McDonald's, and the experience she learned in the same organization helps her every day-from communicating to motivation for teamwork. In 2016, Rachel was named as one of the 30th Marketing Mag 30, having received a notary for his willingness to innovating on social media. So ... yeah. Rachel knows how to start his career, break a hypercompetitive field and work with big brands as a young man. So we sat down to ask Rasel what advice she should give to the students who are worried about finding work when they graduate

Rachel underlined the importance of students working on finding work before the end of the

First of all, Rachel has stressed the importance of students working on their work well before the end of the school if they want to be competitive in the real world. That's what Rachel needs to say

For the students, the best thing you can do is start getting experience while you're at school. And the best way to get experience is a trainee, a volunteer, a solo, or a blog. Create your own capabilities

This is the best way to start building your portfolio and your resume. When you finish your work, you will have some experience, and you will be able to demonstrate to potential employers. This will help you stand up

[ Blog] is a good starting point. But that's not the only thing you have to do. You must also use the network

Find the people in your industry that you admire. If you like where they are and their career path, go to them, ask them to meet with coffee and get some guidance from them

Users are much more open to connect than you think. If we contact them about LinkedIn, I'd say they'll respond by 80 percent of the time

... if I know someone who is employed and ambitious, I think it will be good for our team, I say, "Let' s meet this man as well."

McDonald (Canada), for example, we will post vacancies and get hundreds of applicants. But if I know someone who is employed and ambitious, I think it will be good for our team, I will say, "Let' s also make sure that we also meet this person."

When I graduated from high school, I worked in a small social enterprise, and I did everything

It gave me an opportunity to learn about many aspects of business

As I was working in a small company, I did everything from social media to communications to support the team space and to plan events across North America. It gave me an opportunity to learn about many aspects of business, and from there social networks (and digital marketing) to which I came and moved

When I graduated from high school, I got my first job eight years ago, social networks weren't what they were. He's still very small, the companies just started using it

It was a risk to me as a trade that specializes in marketing to get into the world of social networks. But I saw an opportunity, and I'm really glad I got stuck with it, because it led me to one of the biggest brands in the world

All the candidates who went through our initial selection process will get a challenge from one of our beautiful recruiters. Our recruiters are talking to the candidate about the role and their experience to see if they're good enough to move them to the next stage of the interview

In the second phase there will be a meeting with the hiring manager-in this case it will be myself. I'll meet a candidate to assess their skills for the role. After that, I will have a meeting with the candidate-I think it's a good way to check whether the candidate will be in a culture

I usually give the candidate and the team members 30 minutes just to talk to each other. I think this is a really long way

This is a great way to test the creativity of the candidates and see how they work in a short period of time

Then I want the candidate to finish the case study or test. I give them 30 minutes to work and present my ideas. This is a great way to test the creativity of the candidates and see how they work in a short period of time. And if the candidate passes this stage, the final step is meeting with our main digital

When I look for candidates, there are always four things I'm looking for; experience, passion, striving for innovation and pride for doing a good thing

While experience is an important factor for me, someone who craves and takes pride in his work will certainly do its utmost to deliver a great job

I want to make sure that I hire those people who are cultural, honest and innovative

It's very important to me. I'm building a team here at McDonald's, and I want to make sure I hire people who are cultural, ambitious, and innovative

I think that's true of what I said earlier, if you're a good network to get in touch with the professionals and show them how ambitious you are-and your potential, it will help you do your job

Be patient with the process. I think a lot of alumni are expecting that they have a job that's exactly what they're looking for from school. It takes time

Stay focused. Continue to search for opportunities for internment, build your resume, and work. He'll pay

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